Stop the Coward Punch Campaign has partnered with not-for-profit education firm to provide educational resources to our community of educators, community leaders, teachers, parents, and students.

Our Education Program

The suite of educational resources, available free of charge, aims to bring about positive mindset and behaviour change through the support of young people with strategies and age-appropriate information that highlights the impacts of unnecessary and cowardly acts of violence.

Through use of these educational resources’ educators and leaders can support young people to make positive behavioural and mindset changes that help to prevent coward punch occurrences in the future, and in turn, help to save lives.

Stop the Coward Punch & have also developed a range of resources to support teachers, families, and communities to help young people learn about and eradicate the Coward Punch. This includes:

  • Age-appropriate introductory workshops for students to improve awareness of Coward Punch assaults
  • A Facilitation Guide outlining recommendations and strategies for implementing a whole community approach to stakeholder engagement and implementation.
  • A Take-It-Home Resource Pack for parents and carers.
  • A Two-hour course for teachers, interested community members, and parents/carers aimed at improving understanding about risk and protective factors for violent behaviours and effective responses to young people; and
  • One-on-one workshops to support students who are exhibiting aggressive behaviours.

To access the curriculum, visit the links to the appropriate units and resources below.

STOP the Coward Punch: Supporting Resources

STOP the Coward Punch: Civics and Citizenship - Years 7 to 10

STOP the Coward Punch: HPE - Years 7 & 8

STOP the Coward Punch: HPE - Years 9 & 10

STOP the Coward Punch: Science - Years 9 & 10

STOP the Coward Punch: The Arts - Years 7 to 10

STOP the Coward Punch: HPE - Years 9 & 10

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Together, we can Stop the Coward Punch!