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Coward Punch

We are on a mission to educate about the ramifications of the  coward punch to make our communities safer

"If I can make even one person think before striking out, that’s a victory."

We see it so many times. CCTV footage showing the moment a punch is thrown and countless lives are changed forever.


Since 2000, well over one hundred and seventy lives have been lost in Australia from deadly blows to the head, and
hundreds more victims injured. The coward punch leaves a devastating ripple through society, mentally and
physically scarring family, friends and survivors for life.


We started the Coward Punch Campaign in 2012 to raise awareness of the devastating impact of this scourge in our society. Since then I’ve been overwhelmed at the support we’ve received, with countless entertainers, athletes, community leaders, politicians and everyday Australians joining the fight to stop the coward punch.

As a professional boxer, I know better than most what can happen when you punch someone. But there’s a world of difference between consenting athletes stepping in the ring with rules and referees, and punching an unsuspecting victim with no protection.


A coward punch is exactly that. Cowardly. It doesn’t matter if you’re drunk, on drugs, or if someone hits on
your girlfriend or spills your drink – there’s no excuse for such a gutless act.

And the truth is that nearly everyone who throws a coward punch regrets it in the cold light of day. Not only
can it result in jail time and tear apart families, no one wants to live with the guilt of having ended a life because
of a terrible split-second decision.


The STOP the Coward Punch campaign looks to educate people of the risks, so they don’t make a choice
they’ll regret for the rest of their lives.


If I can make even one person think before striking out, that’s a victory.

Danny Green

The Stop the Coward Punch Campaign is a long-term vision. Our purpose is to facilitate a harm prevention project aimed at reducing the number of coward punch assaults through education and awareness projects.  It’s time to erase the term “king hit” permanently and have it consistently referred to as a “coward punch” – because that is exactly what it is.

The Campaign to date...

With Federal Government,
industry, community and corporate support,
significant progress has been made to
Stop the Coward Punch.

Top Tips to Stop the Coward Punch

Source: Victoria Police 2019, Crime Prevention, Resources and Fact Sheets

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